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Body Sun Protection

Sun protection products from Japan - benefits and safety!

The composition of the modern sun protection product for the body includes physical and chemical filters, extracts of herbs and plants, as well as various overactive, moisturizing and protective components. These formulas are considered the most effective and are widely used for professional skin care in the hot season.

With the onset of the warm season, it is important to buy sun protection products in a timely manner, for example:

  • Cream is the most popular solution when it is necessary to provide deep hydration and protection from exposure to sunlight.
  • Milk - has a light and pleasant texture, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin.
  • Spray is the most convenient product in use, which is economically consumed and quickly applied.
  • Lotion - in addition to its protective properties, it has a refreshing effect and nourishes the skin with vital moisture.

The use of sunscreens follows certain rules. Use the product 10-20 minutes before going outside, applying it to all exposed areas of the body. If you plan a long stay in the sun, then you need to take the product with you and after some time repeat the application procedure.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

Japan produces the best sun protection products, which have been recognized by leading experts around the world and deservedly popular among users. Important selection criteria are coverage of the emission spectrum, photo stability, nice texture. The degree of protection is marked on the packaging with three letters SPF, and the number next to it indicates the following:

  • 5 and less - minimum protection, able to protect from 50 to 75% of UV radiation;
  • 5-10 - medium degree of protection, protects against 85% of UV radiation;
  • 10-20 - high degree of protection, blocks 95% of the sun's rays;
  • 20-30 - intensive protection, blocks from 97% of sun rays;
  • 50 - super-intensive protection, blocks exposure to ultraviolet radiation by 99.5%.

The catalog contains creams, lotions and body sprays, as well as sun protection products. It is also important to use the latter, since under the influence of sunlight not only the skin suffers, but also the hair - they become brittle, dry, lose their color and shine. You can buy everything you need for professional care for your appearance in the summer on our website - the price of Japanese cosmetics is quite affordable, and delivery is carried out as quickly as possible.

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