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Body Oil

Oil for skin and hair from Japan - the forces of Nature to fight for beauty!

Since ancient times, beauties have used body and hair oils as their main daily care and achieved excellent results, prolonging youth and preserving their beauty. The fact is that our skin is prone to rapid loss of moisture, which leads to aging and wilting. It is very important to provide intensive nutrition and hydration - this is the main secret of proper skin care, and natural oils can help!

Most often, the best body and hair oil is offered to customers in the form of:

  • Body spray oils - protect the skin and hair from drying out and the negative impact of the environment.
  • Multifunctional balm - the action is aimed at intensive hydration and nutrition of the skin and hair with all the necessary components.
  • Serum - due to its high concentration, it intensively nourishes areas of the skin that are most prone to dryness.

Natural oils are added to soaps, gels, creams and other products of modern cosmetology. The natural origin and excellent healing effect make them the main weapon in the struggle for youth and beauty. Means have a therapeutic and preventive effect, which eliminates most cosmetic problems without injections and operations. Japanese cosmetics includes a huge selection of oils, while the price of body oil is quite affordable for every customer.

Which oil is better to use in daily care?

When choosing oil, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the skin and hair, methods of application and characteristics of exposure. A wide range allows you to choose the perfect tool, whether it is a moisturizing body oil or a nourishing hair spray. The main thing is that the composition of the product fully meets the needs and is able to solve the problems that bother you.

In Japanese professional cosmetics, many natural products are used that have a healing cosmetic effect. For example, the most effective oil for face hair and body, consists of these oils:

  • sesame or burdock - strengthen and improve hair growth, giving shine and silkiness;
  • sea buckthorn - is used for hair and skin, providing healing, protection and saturation with essential vitamins;
  • healing herbs and flowers: lavender, lotus, rosemary and more - are used to combat various cosmetic defects, resist aging and withering of the skin;
  • almonds and olives - perfectly moisturize, tighten the skin and are an effective way to fight wrinkles;
  • macadamis and walnuts - suitable for sensitive skin, providing nutrition with important substances and minerals;
  • coconut and cocoa - relieve inflammation, perfectly moisturize and tone the skin, provide protection from ultraviolet radiation.

And this is not the whole list of natural oils that are used in Japanese cosmetics. Such cosmetics provide professional and effective skin care at a high level.

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