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Vitamins for women

What should be in a vitamin complex for women?

For middle-aged and elderly women, as well as all people who avoid sunbathing for various reasons, a vitamin D complex should be taken. This vitamin is also a must if you decide to buy vitamins for immunity women, as it contributes to the natural fight of the immune system against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. A lack of vitamin B, on the other hand, is detrimental to the digestive system and metabolism.

Women of childbearing age should take vitamin B to prevent intrauterine abnormalities, premature births and the birth of premature babies with low birth weight. Buying vitamins for women during pregnancy is generally a must-do, because during this period a woman has a particular need for vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid.

Vitamins and minerals for women should definitely contain zinc and iron. Women after 30 should think about preventing future diseases such as osteoporosis and thinning of bones, so calcium should be part of the complex. The National Institutes of Health generally recommends that all women after 50 take 1,000 mg of calcium daily. For pregnant and lactating women, this dose is increased to 1,500 mg.

Many 30-year-old women start to notice fine lines, thinning skin and other signs of ageing when looking in the mirror. This suggests that vitamins for young women should never be ignored. Groups of vitamins and minerals called antioxidants effectively prevent free radicals, harmful molecules created by toxins from the environment.

Good vitamins for women in their 30s are at least 15mg of vitamin E to prevent age-related signs and boost immunity, 75mg of vitamin C against heart disease and 2,300 international units of vitamin A to enhance vision and protect against the sun's rays, daily! Before you buy vitamins for women, check them for related elements, such as iron. Women are the ones most likely to suffer from iron deficiency in the body. This entails symptoms such as rapid fatigue, increased sensitivity to infections and fluctuations in body temperature.

Vitamins for women how to choose? First of all, read this article carefully and don't forget that the amount of vitamins you should take changes with age. But women's goals remain unchanged: to beat age, to be healthy before, during and after pregnancy and to maintain high energy levels.

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