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Conditioners for naughty hair

Conditioners for naughty hair

Remember when you, in high spirits, satisfied with yourself, leave the salon after pleasant hair restoration and healing procedures that flow and shimmer in the sun, and the wind plays in strands that, with a careless easy turn of the head, fit perfectly as in an advertisement. Whether it’s straight, curly, long hair or a short haircut, with proper care, all hairstyles are beautiful, but unfortunately the pleasure of salon treatments does not last as long as we would like. And just like in a fairy tale, the carriage turns back into a pumpkin, so the radiant “crown” turns into a mop of naughty hair. Why is this happening and how to make a fairy tale come true?

First you need to understand the concept of what naughty hair is, what are the reasons and the solution to this problem.

  1. First of all, you need to determine the type of your hair, they are: dry, normal, oily and additionally combined, dyed, damaged, stiff, thin, brittle. Often, it is dry hair that becomes naughty, since a lack of moisture provokes the accumulation of static electricity and, as a result, fluffy hairstyles, and a lack of nutrients leads to damage to the hair structure and porosity;
  2. Many people think that naughty hair is by nature and partly right, because experts call heredity one of the facts, but to a greater extent it is improper care, lack of vitamins, mechanical damage to the structure, ignoring the basic rules of shampooing, combing, neglecting the use of thermal protective agents, low-quality reagents for denaturation (discoloration, painting, curling, straightening) and of course negative environmental factors (ultraviolet, temperature changes, low silt too high humidity);
  3. A daily trip to the salon for professional treatment procedures is certainly not an option, so remember a few simple recommendations for home care for naughty hair:
    • choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and try to wash your hair not too often, because even with a single use of conventional cleansers, fatty acids that protect the hair are washed off;
    • be sure to use a special conditioner for naughty hair, the caring components of which restructure, moisturize, nourish, envelop the hair with a protective layer, pack moisture inside, make it smoother, more elastic and, most importantly, obedient;
    • it is advisable to let the hair dry naturally and not subject it to strong, sharp friction with a towel, but if time is limited and you have to use a hair dryer, do not forget about heat-protective and indelible skin care products;
    • combing wet hair is not recommended, but naughty hair can only be untangled in this condition. Carefully distribute the comb with wide cloves or special combs, shape the strands, and begin laying.

    Use the advice of Inarima Cosme specialists to decide which cosmetic product to give preference to. In the thematic catalogs, choose a Japanese conditioner for naughty hair, as this product has established itself widely outside the Land of the Rising Sun, which is one of the leaders in the production and sale of hair cosmetics all over the world. The online store offers a wide selection of care products so you will definitely choose the best conditioner for naughty hair. Direct deliveries from Japan provide protection against the purchase of fakes and low-quality goods. It is very simple to buy an air conditioner for naughty hair at an affordable price: go to the website, place an order, pay. Delivery is carried out as quickly as possible, depending on the selected method. Use professional home care.

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