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Men's hair cosmetics

Forget about daily shampooing as a relic of the past, this way you completely wash away natural oils and promote dry hair. Instead, clean your hair and use the conditioner once every 2 days: the follicles will thank you for this!

Use means to fix the styling in moderation, because excessively glossy reminded hair does not look very attractive, but rather, vice versa . Examine your hair and clearly determine what it should be. Nobody argues, the stylist can do anything with them, the only question is whether you can achieve such a result yourself at home before going out, for example.

Men's hair cosmetics from the best Japanese manufacturers

At Inarima-Cosme you can always find the right Japanese products for yourself in the Hair Cosmetics section for men. And the Japanese, as you know, are very scrupulous about the issue of quality, so there is no doubt in the effectiveness of the chosen products, whether it is shampoo for men Lebel Theo Ice Mint or hair conditioner Lebel Theo Hot Mint . By the way, the Theo lineup cosmetics are especially popular among representatives of the strong half. Partly due to intensive moisturizing, smoothing and effective restoration of damaged hair structure.

It should also be remembered that men's professional hair cosmetics, for styling in particular, as fudge, are ideal for medium-long hair, while creams - for medium and long hair, as well as if you need easy flexible fixation. Wax for styling provides an average degree of fixation and a minimum degree of shine. While the gels guarantee brilliant shimmering hair and the strongest possible fixation.

Remember, a real gentleman begins with beautiful well-groomed hair!

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