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The Japanese company is rightfully the fourth largest in the world, offering an impressive range of cosmetics. The manufacturer produces:

  • basic skin care products;
  • separate lines for problem skin;
  • anti-aging programs;
  • sun protection line;
  • body products;
  • hair care cosmetics;
  • lines of makeup products.

The Shiseido products aiming at restoring and rejuvenating the skin are especially popular. Consumers note significant changes in facial contours, smoothing of wrinkles and healthy skin color.

Shiseido cosmetics: famous series for skin renewal and restoration

Japanese cosmetics are produced in separate lines, each of which is aimed at solving a specific problem. This allows you to choose the right products, starting from individual characteristics.

ELIXIR superieur

The famous ELIXIR superieur line aims to care for the stratum corneum of the skin in order to restore its natural abilities. The line is based on the CE complex (collagen and elastin), which provides gentle care for the surface layer of the skin. The products start the regeneration process, restoring skin elasticity, even tone and healthy radiance.

The line includes:

  • cleansing foams and soap;
  • moisturizing lotions and masks;
  • day and night creams;
  • serum;
  • moisturizing emulsions;
  • products providing with a lifting effect;
  • drinking collagen.

The cosmetics are selected taking into account a certain type of skin. You can try the line of products by buying a Shiseido set, designed for 7 days of use, after which the first results will be noticeable.

Bio performance

The anti-aging care line is special in the assortment of the brand, offering innovative anti-aging products. Cosmetics is based on advanced biotechnological research aimed at the concentration of natural components. The line aimed at combating age-related changes includes:

  • lifting cream and serum;
  • Shiseido revitalizing concentrate;
  • remedial eye cream;
  • intensive regeneration program.

Regular using of the line products will help you to restore the radiance of your skin, making the positive dynamics noticeablein the first few days.


The first changes in the skin relief begin appear at the age of 25-30. Specialists of the brand offer a special line aimed at eliminating the first signs of skin weakness. The products provide with comprehensive care, increasing the resistance of the skin to harmful environmental influences.

The line is famous for having won the prestigious Best of Beauty Award 2013. The line includes cleansers, serum and eye cream Shiseido Ibuki line.

The Japanese brand also offers effective lines:

  • Ultimune to strengthen the protective functions of the skin: provides with elasticity, eliminates signs of aging, returns a radiant look;
  • Future Solution LX for a complex revitalization: fills the skin with energy, while maintaining deep hydration throughout the day;
  • Pureness: the products aimed at combating problem skin, regulate the production of sebum, restoring balance;
  • Waso Shiseido: is recommended for those who prefer only natural cosmetics without parabens;
  • Essential Energy: a formula based on the achievements of neuroscience, stimulates skin receptors.

Choosing a care program is strongly recommended to be done after consulting a beautician who will determine your skin type and recommend the necessary products.

Japanese Shiseido cosmetics: value-for-money

One of the oldest companies in the cosmetics market was founded by the former pharmacist of the Imperial Navy, Arinobu Fukuhara. It is worth noting that the company was the first to introduce tonal creams in its range to adjust skin tone. This solved the problem of Japanese women who used lead white, which caused irreparable harm to their health.

Since 1923, the company began to open stores with branded products, and at the moment their number is exceeding 25 thousand. Shiseido entrenched at the global level in 1980 after a successful advertising campaign. Since then, the famous brand has been supplying products to Europe, America and Asia.

The company staff is 33,000 employees, whose efforts are aimed at developing innovative products that meet the needs of modern consumers. A clearly streamlined process and modern equipment allow to produce high-quality products at an affordable cost. Effective Shiseido cream, the price of which is in the middle segment, allows you to solve the problems of age-related changes without surgery.

Regular use of cosmetics:

  • restores the protective functions of the skin;
  • speeds up the regeneration process;
  • saturates the stratum corneum with necessary moisture;
  • nourishes natural collagen, restoring skin elasticity.

All products manufactured by the brand are based on natural components the effectiveness of which is enhanced by modern technologies. There are lines completely devoid of harmful constituents such as parabens, mineral oils and microparticles. Therefore, cosmetics are ideal for those who have sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. And also for those who value naturalness.

Choose the right products and order Shiseido cosmetics in Inarima-Cosme at the prices recommended by the manufacturers.

Shiseido, a Japanese company, specializing in the manufacture of cosmetics, perfumes and hair care products. The company is considered to be one of the oldest in the cosmetic industry and the fourth largest in the world. Due to the professional status of cosmetics and the price it is not available for small stores to sell it. Therefore, it is not possible to buy it in all cities as well as in towns and villages.

Shiseido: delivery of Japanese quality within Russia

Inarima-Cosme online store offers a wide range of Japanese Shiseido cosmetics at prices recommended by the manufacturer. You can buy the products wholesale and retail in a convenient online format.

Wholesale buyers are offered a price list, indicating the price of the goods, as well as the terms of payment, delivery, options for discounts and promotions. The program for each client is developed individually, allowing you to choose the optimal conditions for cooperation. The company only works with certified distributors in Japan, so you can be sure of the authenticity and quality of the goods. Terms and conditions of storage are strictly observed, which proves the safety of all products.

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