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Lip Essence

Lipfrom Japan - moisturizing, rejuvenating and protecting!

All Japanese cosmetics, including lip essences, are created using unique and centuries-old beauty recipes using the latest technology. The composition includes natural oils, honey, extracts of herbs and plants, the necessary vitamins and minerals. After using the product, the sponges become beautiful and healthy, provide better protection against negative factors and have a rejuvenating effect.

You can use nutritious and therapeutic products for the lips throughout the day - even at work or on a trip. Problems solved by properly selected lip essences:

  • Chapped and too hard skin - thanks to the nutrients included, the skin of the lips becomes smooth, soft and velvety.
  • Peeling - careful softening allows you to remove unpleasant scales, making the sponges smooth, elastic and beautiful.
  • Jams in the corners - essences contain a large amount of vitamins, in particular A and E, which quickly restore the skin near the lips lost health.
  • Improving the natural color - after using the product the sponges become more expressive, as blood circulation and metabolic processes improve.

According to Japanese traditions, a woman's face should look perfect. Therefore, leading cosmetologists in Japan tirelessly work on the composition of care products, developing the most effective and safe formulas. The acquired essence for the lips will return their smoothness, velvety and pleasant color. You will look perfect in any situation. Hurry up to buy high-quality Japanese cosmetics at a special price!

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