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Cleansing Cream

Cleansing face cream from Japan - a tool that will not disappoint!

The basic and most important stage of proper skin care is cleansing. The whole world knows the unique system of Japanese washing, which is best suited for all skin types. Beautiful Japanese women prefer to use creamy and foaming textures that gently cleanse the skin without damaging it - in particular, it is a facial cleansing cream.

The composition of the product includes natural oils, tea tree extract, extracts of medicinal herbs and algae, vital vitamins and minerals. Thanks to special formulas, a facial cleansing cream gently removes makeup, dirt and preserves the natural ph balance in the cells. This care product is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • gentle effect - due to the delicate creamy texture, the lipid barrier is not destroyed and sensitive skin is not damaged;
  • professional care - which are natural and healing components provide hydration, nutrition and protection from negative factors;
  • ease of use and cost-effectiveness - a small portion of the product is needed to cleanse the skin, which ensures economical consumption;
  • anti-aging effect - the cream improves functionality , the tone and elasticity of the epidermis, preserving the beauty of the skin for a long time.

In addition to all of the above, this care product effectively eliminates the problems inherent in different types of skin - in particular, oily, dry, acne, acne rash and stuff. Having decided to buy a face cleansing cream from Japan, you get a highly effective product that will take the best care of your beauty and prolong youth.

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