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Vitamins for man

Why do men need vitamins?

Perhaps while we are young the lack of essential substances for a healthy and active life is not so noticeable and is compensated for from other sources, but over time it becomes apparent.

So, let's try to answer the question: "Vitamin and mineral complex for men: desirable or necessary?" Based on statistics and medical research, we present you with a list of essential vitamins and minerals needed by every adult male, regardless of age:

  • 1. Vitamin D

Deficiency of this vitamin has a negative effect on the health of both men and women. This vitamin is especially important for those who live in cold climates and spend most of their time outdoors.

Vitamin D supplements for men must contain vitamin D, which is responsible for testosterone production, bone strength, brain health, preventing mental disorders such as depression and controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure. If the body lacks vitamin D, the risk of a heart attack is 80 times higher.

Do you still have doubts about whether vitamins are desirable or necessary?!

  • 2. Vitamin B12

Most men, as well as women, are markedly deficient in vitamin B12 for a variety of reasons. Research has shown that most men get their daily dose of vitamin 12 from eating eggs, beef and chicken meat. But most elderly men have problems absorbing vitamin D, mainly due to the simultaneous use of medication (acid-blocking, anti-diabetic and blood pressure medication). However, vitamin B12 deficiency leads to nervous disorders. If you don't regularly eat beef, salmon and lamb, a vitamin B12 complex is a must for you.

  • 3. So-called antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E).

These vitamins are not produced by the male body, but come from outside. The main benefit from their consumption is the effective fight against so-called 'oxidative stress', which accelerates the ageing process and contributes to 'age-related' problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as vision loss.

As men get older, they are at risk of cell mutation, tumours, etc. Regular intake of antioxidant vitamins significantly reduces this risk.

You have probably heard the expression 'we are what we eat'. When it comes to vitamins essential for the body, it is more appropriate than any other. If men can't get all the vitamins and minerals they need in optimum quantities from food, vitamin supplements for men are the only way out. The main vitamin producers in Japan are Fancl and DHC. You can buy vitamins for men from these and other manufacturers in the online shop Inarima-Cosme. As the saying goes, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times.

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