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Cleansing Foam

Cleansing facial foam is the secret of beauty and longevity from Japan!

In the Land of the Rising Sun, washing has long been considered a special ritual. Beautiful Japanese women usually use several stages of facial skin cleansing, which include natural oils and a special foam - an air and volumetric means of deep exposure. This trend has been adopted today by leading cosmetologists around the world.

Cleansing foam for the face contains unique components, including coral extracts, rare algae, extracts from herbs and flowers, sakura and white lotus, hyaluronic acid and other healing components. And the result is obvious - the skin is thoroughly cleaned, moisturized, tightened, becomes young and radiant.

The formulas used are natural and do not contain chemical elements. As a result, the cleansing facial foam from Japan has a truly miraculous effect:

  • cleanses the skin of the face, giving it access to oxygen, preventing the appearance of acne, comedones, redness, etc.
  • provides deep hydration, saturating the skin with all the necessary vitamins and vital trace elements;
  • effectively solves specific problems inherent to a particular type of skin - in particular, dryness, increased fat content, etc.;
  • provides a steady rejuvenating effect, anti-wrinkle, elaet skin supple and elastic, improves the complexion.

First-class tools for a long time to understand the care that the Japanese cleansing foam for the face it is the highest quality, safety and guaranteed results! We suggest you buy cosmetics from leading brands on the most favorable terms.

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