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Against dandruff

What is dandruff?

Intensive necrosis of skin cells, provoked by a violation of the functioning of the sebaceous glands, features of the person’s immune status and heredity, insufficient hydration and nutrition, negative environmental effects and improper care of the scalp, leads to the appearance of white scales that create discomfort to its owner and others. The main symptoms of dandruff are: peeling, oily skin and hair, skin tightening, itching, scratching and erythema associated with scratching. The action of anti-dandruff is aimed at cleansing the scalp from horny scales, relieving inflammation and restoring normal nutrition and moisturizing processes. Inarima-cosme.com offers you a rich assortment of original Japanese therapeutic hair cosmetics. The consultants of our online store will help you choose a remedy for dandruff, given the type of hair, scalp and degree of neglect of the disease.

Japanese anti-dandruff remedies: where to buy?

As a result of numerous experiments, Japanese experts came to the conclusion that the health of the hair depends directly on the health of the dermis of the head. Cosmetic products from the well-known Japanese brands Shiseido, Moltobene and Lebel, presented in the inarima-cosme.com catalog, are specially designed to:

  • gentle care for the scalp and hair
  • to prevent the appearance of dandruff
  • removal of dandruff and keratinized skin cells
  • getting rid of itching
  • refreshing hair and scalp.

All Japanese anti-dandruff products that you can buy not only in Moscow, except for solving the immediate problem (eliminating dandruff), normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, have an unobtrusive refined smell and are hypoallergenic. Certified products purchased at inarima-cosme.com guarantee a significant reduction in dandruff and the elimination of unpleasant itching after the first use.

Due to the popularity of high-quality cosmetics of famous Japanese brands, unfortunately, there are many fakes. Fake funds, in addition, can also do much harm, because they contain unknown components. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right tool, but also to verify its authenticity. Do not trust unverified suppliers, because we are talking about health. Moscow is not the only city where original cosmetics from Japan is presented. The inarima-cosme.com store, which is headquartered in Tokyo, only cooperates with official distributors of cosmetic brands in Japan, so the chance to buy a fake is zero. We hope that the rich assortment of dandruff products from our online cosmetics store will allow you to make the right choice and permanently solve this problem.

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