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> 1. The best face masks: potential opportunities that you have not thought about

> 2. Wrinkle Facial Masks: Asian Quality Format

> 3. For perfect skin at any time

> 4. How to choose the right care product


Professional beauty salons offer their clients expensive treatments to combat age-related skin changes. However, at home it is possible to provide proper care and hydration of the dermis using masks from well-known Japanese brands. Inarima-cosme online store offers to wholesale and retail high-quality branded products for intensive anti-aging care. Face masks - a mandatory step in the selection of basic care products. Give preference only to quality products.

The best face masks: potential opportunities that you have not thought about

The many benefits of moisturizing face masks confirm the positive feedback from consumers and experts. Our online store provides products that provide the maximum degree of nutrition and moisturizing.

Applying patches, lifting tools, traditional masks for facial skin, you will soon be able to evaluate the effect:

  • Healthy radiance and firmness. The regular use of funds will significantly refresh, tighten and strengthen the skin, protect it from negative environmental factors, ultraviolet radiation and other adverse effects.
  • Nutrition and recovery of vitamin deficiency. Face masks used at home correspond to premium quality and saturate the epidermis not only with moisture, but also enrich with vitamins, restoring and contributing to the regeneration process.
  • Anti-aging effect. The appearance of wrinkles and loss of tone - these are not only age-related changes, but also symptoms of dehydration of the dermis and epidermis. Anti-aging face masks, first of all, provide full moisture saturation. And also have a restorative and anti-aging effect, normalize the hydro balance. As a result, the skin becomes well-groomed and velvety.
  • High degree of permeability. Moisturizing and firming face masks saturate the epidermis with essential microelements. This allows you to prepare the skin for the application of additional cosmetics - essences, emulsions, creams, serums.

Wrinkle Facial Masks: Asian Quality Format

Face lifting masks - an integral part of skin care. Women should understand that such products are concentrated products that allow you to solve key problems as quickly as possible. Premium cosmetics guarantee almost instant transformation. At home, you will get a result identical to expensive salon care.

For more comfortable use, we recommend that you carefully familiarize yourself with the composition, method of application and consider the consistency of the product you like before buying a facial cleansing mask. The most common forms:

  • tissue;
  • biocellulose;
  • film;
  • hydrogel;
  • clay based;
  • liquid;
  • cream.

On the Inarima-cosme website you can buy a face mask, focusing on the needs and characteristics of your skin. Enjoy the variety of cosmetics catalogs from leading Japanese brands.

In contrast to the western beauty industry, where the immediate result is pursued, in Japan they solve problems comprehensively. Each manufacturer offers thoughtful formulas designed for the long term. Porcelain shade of the face is still appreciated, so often even basic night masks for the face give an additional brightening effect.

Large companies from the USA and Europe invariably focus on trends that are emerging in the scientific beauty laboratories in the country of the Rising Sun. The trends of the entire beauty market in the world often depend on what facial masks the Japanese manufacturer will release. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire upscale products for the proper care of recognized beauty masters.

For perfect skin at any time

Japanese brands are at the forefront of technological advances in beauty. Face masks after 25 years from Shu Uemura or Lululun - examples of how to competently combine traditional solutions and an innovative approach.

Care products are conditionally divided into three categories:

  • daily face mask for daily care;
  • dry face masks designed for weekly care;
  • funds that are used in random order depending on the goals pursued (black face mask from black dots, for example).

There is no specific time to take care of your appearance. Study the assortment of masks for dry skin and other types, choose the option designed for your age category. One group of moisturizing products for rejuvenation can combine completely different in composition and mechanism of influence of funds. For example, face masks 40+ and 50+ will radically differ from each other.

How to choose the right care product

In order to choose the right product for you, you need to focus not only on skin type and age, but also take into account other aspects. For example, face masks for acne are relevant at any time. The composition should include a bead extract, ibuprofen piconol, isopropylmethylphenol, as well as vitamins of group B and others.

The face film mask traditionally includes biologically active components that effectively fight skin aging, and also tone and improve complexion. Moisturizing or nourishing masks will become indispensable helpers for owners of dry, withered skin. For oily and combination, we recommend paying attention to cleansing and anti-inflammatory products with sea salt and vitamins.

In our online store you can buy original Japanese cosmetics at current prices. Use delivery to get paid order in minimum time. 

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