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Essences for the face  

Japanese cosmetics consists of natural ingredients and does not contain toxic substances, so the essence for the skin of the face is the most effective and safe tool. A wide range allows you to buy essence for any type of skin, and you can order these products with prompt delivery in the most convenient way.

Essence for facial skin from Japan is a professional solution to all problems!

В Japan's highest priority is health, youth and beauty. One of the popular daily skin care products is the essence for the face. Its advantage over other products is in a denser consistency and a high concentration of active substances that provide deep nutrition, moisturizing, combating wrinkles and other cosmetic defects.

How to use the essence for the face? The product must be applied to the skin with light massage movements of the fingertips. It is recommended to carry out the procedure after applying cleansing agents and applying lotion. Depending on the composition and purpose, the Japanese essence for the face is:

  • moisturizing - necessary for nourishing and nourishing the skin;
  • enriched and firming - for lifting and wrinkle control;
  • restoring - an essence for the face that has a rejuvenating effect;
  • night or day - the perfect solution for daily skin care;
  • brightening - designed to “smooth out” »The natural tone of the face and the fight against age spots.

You can also pick up and buy essence for the face with a healing effect, for example, to eliminate acne or fight acne. In the selection process, be sure to consider your skin type, age and desired effect. Regular use of the essence brings the expected result, making the skin beautiful, radiant and healthy. On our website you can purchase famous Japanese cosmetics at special prices and with convenient delivery.

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