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Hair cream

Want chic flowing hair? Need to buy hair cream from Japan

Japanese manufacturers take advantage of simple but very effective ingredients. The philosophy of hair beauty in Japanese is “less is more”: the amount of cream is less, and the effectiveness is greater! Nourishing hair cream, for example, is made from traditional natural ingredients (rice, seaweed, camellia oil ...) and does not contain toxins. Any Japanese moisturizing hair cream is an effective action starting from the roots and then along the entire length. Adequate hydration of both hair and scalp, a necessary condition for healthy silky curls.

Night cream for hair Moltobene Loretta Night Hair Cream in a silver blue-gray tube with a capacity of 120 ml, actively restores the structure of damaged hair while you sleep. The almost airy texture allows you to apply and rinse off the cream easily, and you won’t even remember dry and tangled hair! A nice detail - a children's drawing on a tube, causes a sincere smile. Restore hair by smiling!

Moltobene Bene Crystal Treatment Hair Cream Damage Repair is a universal remedy for all types of scalp. First of all, the action of the cream is aimed at restoring the structure of the hair, as well as protecting the cuticle. This tool is an indelible hair cream, so feel free to apply along the entire length of both wet and dry hair. The result will pleasantly surprise you. As well as a delicious light aroma.

Japanese hair creams are sold in specialized stores, salons, and on Internet sites. The latter may be most beneficial if they offer flexible discount systems, bonus programs, and work directly with manufacturers in Japan (minus payment for distributor and transportation services). Japan ranks second after the United States in the global cosmetic market, and the production of skin and hair care products makes up two-thirds of the entire cosmetic industry in this country. Leave-in hair cream is a must-have tool in arsenal every woman’s.

Don't forget to pamper your hair!

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