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Sprays for the scalp: say yes! freshness

Spray for the scalp - a must have for every woman and man who care about their health and appearance. The scalp is very sensitive in nature, so even minor burns from sunlight or due to the use of a hair dryer, for example, can cause unpleasant pain. In addition, they destroy the structure. Fortunately, once we get a burn, we will do our best not to get it again.

Moisturizing Thermal Spray Lotion Lebel Oasis Watering is an effective luxury product for protecting and moisturizing dry, sensitive skin. Just apply the product on the scalp and damp clean hair, divided into partings. After this, you can start thermal styling without fear of damaging your hair and skin.

A moisturizing spray for the scalp should be in the arsenal of both women and men. The skin, like hair, requires constant hydration to a sufficient degree. Cleansing Spray Concentrate Lebel IAU Lycomint Breath Tune 1-b softens keratinized skin cells, contributing to their rapid removal. Belongs to the category of professional cosmetics, it is also useful in that it promotes the penetration of oxygen into the bulbs and hair growth in general: it is no secret that healthy hair can only be with healthy bulbs and skin.

For Lebel Viege Root Care Mist will help those who enjoy wearing hats, and not only in the cold season. This universal professional tool prevents the occurrence of an unpleasant odor and itching, maintains freshness for a long time and improves blood circulation, a kind of mini-massage. All you need is to spray a little funds on the roots and rub gently but gently with your fingertips. Everything, you can start laying.

Spray for oily scalp is necessary: ​​greasy hair looks disgusting and in no way contribute to your high self-esteem and positive opinion of others, especially the opposite sex. This is especially noticeable on fair hair. A special spray will help your sebaceous glands to balance fat, you just need to deal with this unpleasant problem. Give health and cool look to your hair today!

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