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Shampoo for brittle hair

What should be included in the composition of the best shampoo for brittle hair

When choosing shampoos for brittle hair, Inarima-Cosme experts recommend paying attention to what is included in their composition. The following ingredients in its composition will guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the shampoo:

  • Lecithin

A component of plant origin, the basis which are phospholipids that can penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair and nourish it. Lecithin helps restore hair from the inside, making the hair denser and more elastic.

  • Protein

Professional shampoo for brittle hair must include this component. It is considered indispensable for restoring the elasticity and strength of hair. By smoothing the cuticle flakes, the protein makes the hair docile and smooth.

  • Keratin

Shampoo for brittle and weakened hair containing keratin provides intensive restoration of damaged curls. Thanks to what your curls become smooth, strong and shiny again.

  • Natural oils

Accelerate the growth of hair and eyelashes due to the stimulation of hair follicles, especially if applied to the skin with massaging movements and left to act for a while.

  • Plant extracts

What shampoo for brittle hair to choose? In this matter, the natural extracts included in the composition will play a huge role. Having a high concentration, they deeply nourish and gently care for hair from the roots to the ends, restore the structure of the hair and help fight the split ends.

What shampoo to buy for brittle hair?

Even if the shampoo of your choice for thin and brittle hair contains all of the above components, do not rush to go to the checkout. There are some other important points worth paying attention to.

A good shampoo for dry and brittle hair should not contain sodium sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as surfactants. They can dry hair, which will negatively affect your already damaged structure.

Do not avoid shampoos with mild surfactants. They act as good softeners for harsh detergent components. The presence of the “moisturizing” mark on the label will not be superfluous. Such shampoos for brittle hair are able to more effectively moisturize thin hair, replenishing them with all the necessary components in a fairly short time.

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