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Eye cream


> 1. Why buy separately eye cream .

> 2. Eye cream: reviews, benefits, features

> 3. Shiseido: the best creams for the skin around the eyes from Japan

> 4. Shu Uemura: from art makeup to absolute lightness.

> 5. Obagi – Professional care

> 6. How to apply cream around the eyes: the secrets of choice and common mistakes

Preserve the health and beauty of your skin with unique solutions from leading Japanese brands, whose products are presented on the site of the Inarima-cosme online store. Eye Cream - it is a must-have tool that provides adequate protection for the most sensitive areas. Choose the care that suits your needs!

Why buy separately eye cream

Many women mistakenly believe that eye cream - an extra waste of money when there are already skin care products in the arsenal. But it is this area that is characterized by increased sensitivity, tenderness and delicacy, requiring additional care.

Traditionally, the cream for the skin around the eyes is used not only as a basic tool, but also for the purpose of:

  • eliminate puffiness;
  • moisturize and nourish delicate skin;
  • prevent the appearance of the first facial wrinkles.

Inarima-cosme offers the best creams for wrinkles around the eyes, face masks and other products created by leading manufacturers from Japan. Asian brands adhere to a special philosophy of beauty, therefore, they offer their audience unique solutions for eyelid skin care and anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Eye cream: reviews, benefits, features

If you do not know which eye cream to choose for yourself, contact us and get detailed advice from our experts. Cosmetic products are focused on meeting the most sophisticated needs, taking into account skin type, age and individual characteristics.

Creams around the eyes after 30 can reduce wrinkles and stop age-related changes, nourish delicate structures, provide full hydration, tone and restore balance at the cellular level. To produce this effect, anti-aging cream around the eyes should contain a huge amount of useful ingredients. Japanese brands are generous in this regard and use exclusive components.

Eye care with a cream will solve the following problems:

If you prefer extremely high-end branded cosmetics, eye creams in the store Inarima-cosme - this is exactly what you need. We sell original certified products wholesale and retail at affordable prices. In order to appreciate all the potential possibilities of Japanese cosmetics and buy a cream for the skin around the eyes that fully meets your needs, we offer to get acquainted with popular brands. 

Shiseido: best eye creams from japan

Shiseido - one of the largest Japanese brands of cosmetics, which for over 140 years has been offering various creams for wrinkles around the eyes, as well as products for basic face, body and hair care. Brand products – the embodiment of traditional Asian values, competently complemented by modern innovations. 

Shiseido anti-aging skin cream around the eyes, like other products, is created in compliance with all environmental standards. Products of the Japanese brand - this is a premium cosmetics, the use of which will give you a feeling of natural beauty, freshness and health.

Shu Uemura: from art makeup to absolute lightness.

Another iconic Japanese brand dictates its vision of beauty and quality to the whole world. The manufacturer offers products that combine modern design and efficiency. The best creams around the eyes, essences and other products of the brand have a number of common characteristics.:

Obagi – Professional care

Today, women all over the world are eager to buy anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes and other products from the manufacturer. 

Products of this brand are inherently medical products. Creams around the eyes with collagen and hyaluronic acid are very popular among specialists related to medicine. They are used in their practice by dermatologists, cosmetologists, other beauty experts.

If you want to have flawless skin, then it's time to contact the Inarima-cosme online store to buy Obagi cosmetics. A large selection of home care products will allow you to choose a moisturizer around the eyes and other products to combat urgent problems, such as:

How to apply cream around the eyes: the secrets of choice and common mistakes

Cream for the face and skin around the eyes is chosen, focusing on the needs of the dermis. Key parameters:

  • age;
  • type of cream (against wrinkles around the eyes, to moisturize, fight against dark circles and swelling);
  • the presence of allergies to certain components;
  • time of use (day or night);
  • composition of the cosmetic product (with ceramides, elastin, vitamins, mineral complex, hyaluronic cream for the skin around the eyes);
  • application method.

Cream-lifting around the eyes is best applied in the morning and evening. The skin must be cleaned and prepared for the procedure. Before using age-related analogues (for example, eye cream 35+, 40+), as a base, it is recommended to apply a rejuvenating essence.

We suggest you not to experiment, and use only certified, verified products from global manufacturers. Visit our online store to order eye cream at a nice price with delivery. 

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