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Number Three Feladyca Tocosme Curl Extra Hard/70

Solves problems:

permanent curler


Tuning styling based on cystamine, which targets the area around the cortex, stretching the hair bundle

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Description Number Three Feladyca Tocosme Extra Hard/70

Number Three Feladyca Tocosme Extra Hard/70 is an extra strong curling product for long-lasting curl of naturally unruly hair.
Does not contain thioglycolic acid. Tuning styling based on cystamine, which acts on the area around the cortex, stretching the hair bundle. Cystamine does not damage or destroy the molecular structure of the hair, but rather provides effective repair: hair quickly becomes soft and silky.

2 composition
Number Three Feladyca Tocosme Second Lotion
Attention! The 2nd composition is sold separately.

How to use

1. Composition should be selected based on the condition of the hair.
2. Wash your hair.
3. Curl the strands on curlers.
4. Apply Composition 1 (80 ml) for 5 minutes. Check. If the curl is weak, leave the product on the hair for another 2 minutes. Check the curl. The total time of the product on the hair should not exceed 10 minutes. If the curl is not properly secured after this time, change the product.
5. Rinse off product 1.
6. Using the applicator, apply Tocosme Deotreat Buffer (60 ml) for 3 minutes.
7. Apply composition 2 (80 ml) for 7 minutes, then apply the same composition for another 8 minutes.
8. Remove the curlers.
9. Rinse hair.
10. Curls are ready.

  • Olena

    Всегда мечтала об аккуратных кудрях, но никак не получалось этого достичь, как бы не старалась, чем бы не крутила и не фиксировала, через 2 часа эффект был неудовлетворительным. Пару недель назад, после очередного визита в салон, мастер посоветовала мне японское средство для завивки. Поначалу я отнеслась скептически, поскольку никогда не слышала о нем, погуглила)))узнала о новых техниках и все таки решилась. Результат превзошел все ожидания!!! Очень довольна, через пару месяцев напишу отзыв о повторной процедуре и как долго сохранился результат

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