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Real Chemical Lucicare Aqua ST(Cosme)

Solves problems:

prevents hair dryness


Perfect straightening, moisturizing and treating hair

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Description Real Chemical Lucicare Aqua Aqua ST(Cosme) Hair Straightening Lotion

1 composition 
Perfect straightening, moisturizing and treatment of hair. Based on thioglycolic acid. After application, your hair will be filled with moisture thanks to the "formation of a thin film to retain moisture". Prevents hair dryness. Contains 18MEA (protective ingredient), which protects the hair structure from the effects of heat. Your hair will look attractive and admired.

- Suitable for all hair types
- Creates naturally straight hair
- For natural smoothing
- To maintain hair volume
- For styling and styling
- For simultaneous coloring and treatment

How to use

1. Pre-washing shampoo
2. Pre-treatment (use treatment depending on the level of damage (PPt do Precare, PPt do Extra))
3. Apply a thin layer of GD to the areas that react to the chemical (ST:GD=applied in different proportions depending on the hair type). Natural hair/Slightly damaged 1:0; Slightly damaged/Mildly damaged/Moderately damaged 5:1; Moderately damaged/Moderately damaged 2:1.
4. Apply ST(COSME). Leave for 10-15 min.
5. Check softening
6. Rinse with Lucicare AQUA Ac (dilute 1:10).
7. Straightening with an iron
8. Apply BC. (Leave BC on for 10-15 minutes).
9. Rinse with water

  • Марина Власова

    Сколько себя помню, хотела гладкие пряди как в рекламе, но прямые волосы без утюжка никогда не получались. Мастер посоветовала инновационный состав Real Chemical Lucicare Aqua ST(Cosme) и о, чудо!!! Без укладки, без плойки и утюжка, красивые, гладкие, ровные волосы. Результат превзошел все мои ожидания!

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