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Number Three Tocosme Zero Curl EXN/70

Solves problems:

Gently creates soft and strong curls without damaging the hair


Ammonium/monoethanolamine free, which reduces the stress on the hair when curling, leaving curls supple and pleasant to the touch

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Description Number Three Tocosme Zero Curl Lotion EXN/70

Curling your hair: it's easy!
If you want soft, luxurious curls without damaging your hair, use a safe curl product that uses the curl-forming ingredient "Pure Cysteamine". "Pure Cysteamine" is the only ingredient of its kind that uses electrolysis to neutralize HCL (hydrochloride), which causes a pungent unpleasant odor and damage to the hair structure, resulting in a pH level of 9.6. Recommended for different hair types, for hair 1-3 degree of damage.

1. Cruelty Free *From an animal welfare point of view, we do not conduct animal experiments that cause pain to animals
2. GMO Free (GMO: Genetically Modified Organism) *We do not use genetically modified raw materials that may have an impact on the body and the environment.
3. Contains natural plant ingredients
4. Ammonium/monoethanolamine free (this is what reduces the stress on the hair when curling and makes the curls supple and pleasant to the touch)
5. Does not contain nanomaterials
6. Does not contain cysteamine hydrochloride Cysteamine hydrochloride is not used

Contains natural levulinic acid (hair repair component), which strengthens the hair so well that damage does not occur even after repeated perming treatments.

Deo effect 
Cluster Dextrin is included in all formulations, which significantly reduces the residual odor after hair treatment. Complete elimination of pungent chemical odor occurs from the moment of hair treatment until the end of the procedure.

Enjoys a refreshing fruity-floral fragrance with notes of apple, grapefruit and rose. 

2 composition

Number Three Feladyca Tocosme Second Lotion
Attention! The 2nd composition is sold separately. 

Standard method of application

1. The composition should be selected based on the condition of the hair
2. Wash your hair
3. Curl the strands on curlers
4. Apply composition 1 (80 ml) for 3-5 minutes.
5. Rinse off composition 1
6. Apply Booster (60ml) for 5 minutes. Check the curl fixation. If the curl has not locked in properly after this time, increase the conditioning time or use an insulating cap.
7. Apply Composition 2 (80ml) for 10 minutes, then apply the same composition for another 8 minutes
8. Remove the curler
9. Rinse hair
10. Curls are ready.

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