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Number Three Recroma Glam

Solves problems:

does not damage the hair, softens the texture


Innovative 3D hair coloring with L-LC cationic base, which is characterized by improved texture, high damage protection, unique penetrating ability

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Description Number Three Recroma Glam Hair Dye

RECROMA is an innovative 3D hair coloring on the cationic base L-LC, which is characterized by improved texture, high degree of protection from damage, unique penetrating ability. Creators of the formula - chemists-technologists of Number Three brand, a leader in the development and production of professional hair cosmetics. Gentle coloring, rich pure color, healthy shiny hair without the use of direct dyes. RECROMA holographic 3D coloring is created on a liquid crystal basis. The innovative component LIPIDURE R in the dye is a biocompatible material identical to human cell membranes, forming a thin protective film that prevents hair damage during the coloring process. The base cream has a high degree of penetration deep into the hair structure, which allows to achieve a deep and vivid color expression even when dyeing fine blonde hair. Thanks to the lipid layer enveloping the chemical elements of the dye, the penetration of the dye component inside the structure to the hair shaft itself is improved, and contact with the scalp is minimized. RECROMA dye has a mild neutral odor, does not irritate the nasal mucosa. The unique 3D dyeing technique provides the hair with three-dimensional volume, health and rich, long-lasting color.

Level 8 8 colors from light tint to full even coloring. Does not damage the hair, softens the texture. Combined with Protecil, it gives even more shine and attractiveness. Emphasize your charm with beautifully groomed hair.

How to use

Apply to dry hair. Soaking time 30 minutes. Mix with Recroma OX 4.5% and 6.0%. 

Coloring tones from 3-10 level, ratio: dye:oxidizer 1:1.

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